Inspiring students with
their own potential;
better preparing them
for their futures.

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Swivel Careers is a global career service, that engages, empowers and motivates students to be inspired with their own potential. Our programmes help young adults better prepare for their future.

We are a rapidly growing company, and have worked with thousands of students, both secondary and tertiary, completing our personalised one-on-one career-coaching service and in school careers workshops successfully. All have come out with better confidence, clarity and motivation to take on their career.

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Our professionally designed Swivel for Schools programmes help schools reach their careers objectives, enhancing current models, while linking to the curriculum requirements. Our Swivel for Schools programmes are both personalised and online, proudly providing realistic, current, and pragmatic advice and information, bridging the gap between school, tertiary and employment.

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Our Swivel for Students programme considers not only the student’s personality, skill-set and interests but also their passions and ambitions. Our unique programme, created by a team of organisational psychologists and business people who worked together, is based on seeing years of young people come through our New Zealand workforce with no direction. We have put science behind this to create the successful Swivel for Students programme. Students determine their own career pathway, based on what they know, learn and discover about themselves, without any external influences.

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Our Team

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Kate Ross
Peta Dumergue
Linda Henderson
Debbie Smith
Kate Thompson
Jessica McLaren
Ghada Vanderpool
Mikayla Tuiavii
Hannah McDonald
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