Even with the best education, young people are missing real-life careers advice and need help getting 'work-ready'.

Our Story

In 2007, Kate Ross was overwhelmed by the number of directionless young people coming through her recruitment company, Kinetic Recruitment. Parents were funding costly tertiary mistakes and young people had no idea what they were good at or what they wanted to do. After talking to heads of schools and careers advisors all around New Zealand, it became clear that schools provide excellent education and tertiary advice, but very few were able to supply real-life industry knowledge, career and employment advice.

And thus the idea for Swivel Careers was born. 

Created by a team of organisational psychologists and business people, the Swivel for Students one-on-one career coaching helps young people consider their personalities, skill-sets and interests, values, motivations, passions and ambitions. Psychometric testing is used to assess the students personalities, abilities and occupational interests and partnered with specialised one-on-one coaching. Coaches empower students to determine career pathways that they will shine in, based on what they know, learn and discover about themselves, without any external influences.

Our Swivel for Schools programme provides realistic, current, and pragmatic career advice and information to bridge the gap between school, tertiary and employment, and better prepare students for their future. Our innovative and global careers service engages, empowers and motivates students to be inspired by their own potential. Collaborating with Heads of Schools and Careers Departments, Swivel Careers provides professionally designed programmes that suit each school's unique needs, reach their careers objectives and enhance current models, while linking to the curriculum requirements. 

A rapidly growing company, thousands of secondary and tertiary students have successfully completed personalised our one-on-one career-coaching and career workshops. Working within school curriculums and privately outside of school hours, we encourage students to engage and take ownership of their career exploration. The diverse team of Swivel Careers coaches and facilitators recognise the needs of young people and are passionate about helping young people and creating a resilient future employment landscape with competent and capable leaders and employees. All young people benefit from the Swivel Careers experience.

“Whilst we are at school we are well understood from an academic point of view, however teachers and school staff don’t really know who we truly are, or our personalities that well. Our family and friends know our personalities, dreams and strengths but don’t often know our academic capability. During the Swivel Careers programme it was the first time I felt listened to, from a 360 degree point of view.” Year 13, New Zealand

Career advice is needed now more than ever

New jobs are emerging more rapidly than any other time in history. It’s not just a case of old jobs dying and fresh jobs being born; traditional roles are evolving into new hybrids before our eyes. Swivel Careers works with its business partners to keep up-to-date and well informed of market and industry trends, and what skills employers will be looking for now and into the future.

Giving students a deep awareness of their own work needs and occupational interests along with an understanding of their developing skills, abilities and passions, allows students to make better informed choices and give them ideas and inspiration for multiple career paths they will do well at as they navigate their futures in this fast moving employment landscape.

We also give students a realistic view of what they will face when they leave the secure school environment, how to prepare for it and be more resilient as they move toward tertiary study and employment.

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