Get your students work-ready

We work with school leadership teams and career advisor to support and supplement existing in-school activities. We are focused on understanding your school values and beliefs, meeting your objectives, enhancing your current careers model all while linking to curriculum requirements.

Swivel Careers has relationships with businesses that are closely aligned to the employment market. We provide current market trends and research about the future of employment, along with realistic, grounded and pragmatic advice and information; bridging the gap between secondary school, tertiary study and employment.

There is growing demand for our services. Students need current and real life skills as they transition from school to university and employment to be better prepared for their futures. We work with schools across Years 9 to 13, delivering interactive and informative workshops and presentations.

“The main difference between Swivel Careers and previous careers sessions was that the Swivel for Schools session was based on real-world recruitment techniques, and dealt with how careers and recruitment will actually work in the future. Both presenters engaged with the young people in my session on a genuine and relatable level, making sure that we actually took all the information on board. The 'speed interviewing' session was a personal favourite, giving me a chance to test out the skills I'd learnt, in front of real-world recruiters. Swivel for Schools is the best preparation a school can give its students for the job market.” Year 13

Presentations and workshops

Defining Careers

Young people are unaware of the huge range of potential career paths they can get into. Designed to open their minds to the breadth of careers available and broaden their aspirations, this educational workshop showcases a range of careers, what the future of employment is likely to look like and what skills young people need to succeed in the workforce. Students leave inspired about where their future may take them.

My Learning Style

A love of learning is a necessary soft skill that will see young people cope - and thrive - with the rate of change in technology and business. This fun, activity based workshop helps students find more ways to enjoys learning, and they brainstorm ideas and compete against each other using different learning styles. 

How Your Digital Footprint Affects Your Employability

Looking up a potential employee online is a standard part of the recruitment process. Despite being warned about their social media activity by parents and teachers, the majority of students take little heed. We open their eyes to the realities of their actions on social media and how it can affect their job applications.

Your Personal Online Brand

Young people already have an online brand and what future employers see can make or break an application. Once students understand how their digital imprint affects their employability and see what employers can see, we guide them through how to set up a LinkedIn profile to shape a more professional online brand. 

What Really Happens to Your CV - and How to Make Sure Yours is Read

In this behind the scenes look at the world of recruitment, students see the harsh reality of how employers treat CV's and why. Full of tips and tricks for effective CV's and cover letters that get cut-through with recruiters, they learn the do's and don'ts of what to put in and how to tailor them to the job they are applying for. They create personal statements and a list of key skills they are developing under the guidance of a real-life recruiter. 

How to Nail that Interview

An upfront and honest insight on what to expect when they go for their first interview. How to research and prepare for an interview so you are ahead of your competition, how to appropriately present themselves and how to make the best impression. This workshop includes either the Speed Interviewing detailed below, or slower, more considered practice with the tough questions to hone their interview skills and they get constructive feedback from recruiters. A confidence-building session to help them nail their interviews.

Speed Interviewing

Just like‘Speed-dating’ but interviewing! This high energy session with real recruitment consultants is fun and fast. Students answer a range of interview questions in a timed environment and receive feedback on their presentation and answers. 

Where's the Line? Workplace Expectations and Etiquette

Employers say they struggle to find young employees with the 'right attitude'. Young people report that experiencing workplace culture is like entering a foreign country, with unfamiliar and invisible practices, language and rules. This workshop builds a familiarity and understanding of employer expectations around respectful workplace relationships, communication and behaviour. Using real-life scenarios, we get students to consider what's okay, what's not okay, and why, so they get a feel for where the line is, what to do if it happens to them, and what the potential consequences are if the line is crossed. 

Stress and Time Management

Conscientious, resilient workers are highly desirable yet many students struggle to manage their time and workloads. This workshop tackles how to prepare for life after school, as workloads continue to increase and there are no teachers or parents to push them into getting their work done. We look at how to recognise and manage stress and ensure they don’t become overwhelmed prior to, and during their exams. What it means to manage your time, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the importance of these skills when they are in employment.

Building Boundaries and Managing Competing Commitments

Many young employees struggle with prioritising workloads and are not confident to say no to their colleagues or bosses. Using relevant work, school and home scenarios, they practice prioritising what's important over time wasters, and learn how to say 'no', nicely.

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway

Resilience, initiative, problem-solving, determination, tenacity... strengths like these are in high demand from employers. Many young people let anxiety, nerves and a fear of failure stop them from trying or give up too easily. This workshop normalises the day-to-day feelings of anxiety, nerves and fear. In a supportive environment they learn they are not alone in their feelings and gain confidence to push through their fears and succeed.

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