Deciding what you want to do after you leave school is not easy. It is a daunting experience having to plan your future or select your subjects when you don’t actually know what you want to do or what subjects you will need to take in order to get you there.

Many students come into our programme in their final years at secondary school (Years 12/13) or at the end of their first year of University, not knowing what career path they are studying towards. They feel overwhelmed, pressured and unclear on how to choose the right training pathway.

Our personalised Swivel for Students programme provides not only holistic, scientific and practical career guidance for students based on psychometrics of their academic and natural abilities and personality and occupational interests, but also allows the students to really get to know themselves and realise the options they have available. This enables the students to then choose training options that best suit their career pathway and aspirations.

What to expect

We have seen hundreds of students complete our programme and come out with clarity and motivation to get out there and take their next steps confidently. Developing students self-awareness and empowering them to determine their future pathways, based on what they know, learn and discover about themselves, without any external influences.

Although we offer support and guidance throughout the entire process, the hard graft is up to the student. We make ourselves available to answer questions, but the student is accountable for their own decisions, like in the real world.

“You will take away a resource highlighting key areas that motivate you as an individual, so you can compare any career or education opportunity against this.  Helping you make better informed decisions throughout your future” Swivel Careers Head of Careers and Development

Your journey

Our Swivel for Students programme is focussed on the individual, because no two students are the same. Your one-on-one career coaching is personalised, confidential and the process usually takes two to four weeks to complete. We provide ongoing follow up and support.

Step 1 One-on-One Coaching Session and Questionnaire

Through an initial one-on-one coaching session, we get to know the student, their ambitions, values, strengths and weaknesses from their own perspective

Step 2 Psychometric Testing

Next we dig a little deeper. Psychometric profiling and ability testing is an invaluable tool that puts science behind career direction and a strategy behind a search for the perfect career. Psychometric testing is comprises of three assessments:

Personality Assessment

This assessment helps us get a clear picture of the student’s personality and preferences. It is broken into three parts

Interpersonal Style – Does the student prefer to work by themselves or in groups? Will they enjoy meeting new people in their work? Are they open and communicative or direct and forceful? This tells us what they are like around people.

Thinking Style – Does the student like to plan ahead or be spontaneous? How do they cope with repetitive tasks? Do they think in a practical down-to-earth manner or take an abstract or radical approach to things?

Coping Style – How does the student cope under pressure? Are they optimistic? How do they handle feedback – constructive or otherwise?

Ability Assessment

This assessment measures three domains of aptitude – verbal, numerical and abstract, in order to get an accurate gauge on the students’ mental ability.

Verbal – this test measures basic vocabulary, verbal fluency, and the ability to reason using words. Appropriate for jobs that require a good degree of verbal ability or communication.

Numerical – this test measures the ability to use numbers in a logical and efficient way. Appropriate for jobs that require a fair level of numerical ability.

Abstract – this measures the ability to understand abstract logical relationships and use new information outside the range of previous experience. Does the student have the ability to pick things up quickly? This is the purest form of mental ability and is least affected by previous education and achievement.

Occupational Interests  – Vocational Suggestions

The interest in tendency to pull towards a certain occupation is combined with the results of the personality tests, resulting in possible career options the student may want to investigate further.

We use the internationally recognised GeneSys assessments as part of the Swivel Career for Students programme. Each of the assessments involves comparing students results against International norm groups (young people and/or school leavers)

Step 3 One-on-One Coaching Session and Swivel Careers for Students Personal Workbook

After the psychometric results have been received, a workbook is created for the student. The student then works through this workbook with one of our accredited Career Coaches. Leaving them with great self-awareness and a pathway specifically tailored to them, around their personality, careers interests and their abilities.

Step 4 Action Planning

The next step is to create a plan of attack and set goals for the student, so they know exactly where they are going and how they are going to get there. Parents and guardians are invited to get involved at this stage of the process.

Step 5 Research and Follow Up

Once goals have been set, we follow up with the student after 24 hours, one week, one month and three months to ensure the student is on track with their plans. We encourage the student to research alternative ways to reach their career and we help them through that process.

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