"I very much enjoyed my time with Swivel Careers within my coaching sessions. My career coach, Kate provided me with a welcoming environment in which I felt comfortable to be myself in. The 1 on 1 interview/coaching kept me engaged and interested. I felt as if I was encouraged to explore my thoughts in which I got challenged to push my thinking into areas I hadn't yet previously considered. My coaching sessions made me recognise my unique strengths and weakness, within a thorough report on personality traits and how I approach different situations. With this individual report and my coaching sessions, it gave me new insightful discoveries for personally designed different careers options and job opportunities I can now consider for my future, which I feel excited about. I have received helpful advice towards taking the big and small steps towards my career choice, starting off with considering future subjects within my final years of college. My career coach helped me recognise my passion for psychology and helped me identify my leadership skills. I now feel motivated to continue to research potential job opportunities and studying options as well as improving on my weaknesses. I am so grateful for the opportunity of having received coaching sessions from Swivel Careers as they are supportive, empowering and have helped me confidently map out a clear career path whilst still pushing me in the right direction towards having a successful career. " —  Petra, Wellington 

“Swivel Careers came to my school and provided me with insightful advice. The overall process was much shorter than I initially expected and it was  very helpful. The career coaches were very friendly and encouraging. I was able to learn more about myself as well as receiving personalised analysis and guidance for my future through this programme. It was certainly a great experience!” —  Year 13 Student, Jakarta.

"Before Swivel I was quite intimidated by what the future had in store for me, but now that I have figured out what I want to do I am very excited for what is to come. It was really helpful to have someone like my career coach that could interpret how I felt and what my characteristics would have me leaning toward in the future, because it can be hard to figure this out and interpret just on your own. It was great to have an experienced and qualified person like my coach that could impart their knowledge of the “real world” to me also." —  Josef, Wellington.

"Swivel has been the perfect stepping stone for me when exploring my career pathway. With no clear ideas for tertiary study after high school, I had been feeling deflated and unmotivated to invest in my future post high school. The Swivel Skype sessions with my career coach left me feeling super excited about my career options and what I am suited to. It was extremely refreshing to talk to someone completely new, my career coach was so knowledgable and interested in my future. Swivel excellently aligns your aspirations & passions with your personality and real life occupations. With Swivel's help I have decided to pursue a career as a Biomedical Engineer." —  Mia, Christchurch.

"The session with Susan and Imogen was absolutely brilliant. The main difference between Swivel and previous careers sessions was that the Swivel session was based on real-world recruitment techniques, and dealt with how careers and recruitment will actually work in the future. Both presenters engaged with the young people in my session on a genuine and relatable level, making sure that we actually took all the information on board. The 'speed interviewing' session was a personal favourite, giving me a chance to test out the skills I'd learnt, in front of real-world recruiters. Swivel is the best preparation a school can give its students for the job market."  —  Jackson, Wellington.

"The Swivel Careers programme is an ideal resource and tool for youth to discover the career pathway(s) of their future. It is a perfect programme that allows youth to also make discoveries about their own personal qualities, attributes and characteristics which are beneficial and can be quite interesting when identifying possible career paths. I found my experience with the Swivel Careers programme to be very investigative which encouraged me to explore pathways outside my original inclinations.  Not only this but it also affirmed me in my areas of passion which has given me the extra support to continue to pursue my dreams in a career. My time spent alongside Linda Henderson and Imogen Neil was satisfactory in relation to the service that I received from both of them. Linda was especially helpful and overall friendly and genuine. This allowed me to open up and make honest comments that encouraged me to make sound choices when taking the quizzes, and for that I thank her. I have now come to the conclusion that I will be studying, at the New Zealand School of Tourism, to become a qualified Flight Attendant, in 2019. Following the Swivel Careers programme, I challenged myself to explore a different career pathway, in which I chose the health sector. From November 2017 to February 2018, I saw myself employed as an Trainee Iwi Health Promoter and have discovered an interest to study a diploma in Mental Health at Wintec, Hamilton, after my studies with NZST. I thank the Swivel Careers Team for helping me to define my career pathway, understand who I am and providing great service. I would recommend this programme to anyone who is starting to plan their future as you will be left feeling affirmed in possible areas of the workforce and/or study." —  Joshua, Ngatea.

"Swivel Careers is very simply the best choice if you are unsure about your current or future career. No matter what stage of life you are in, whether you are a working professional or a student their comprehensive and precise analysis of your personality and goals will help you just as it helped me. I personally was shocked at the amount of information Swivel managed to provide for me and how successful they were in aiding my search for a career path that suited me best. I highly recommend them for career advice!" — Tim, Whanganui.

"I highly recommend Swivel Careers to everyone! The testing and discussions were very insightful. I've learnt so much about myself; how I can build on my strengths and improve on my weaknesses. The career coaching came at the perfect time too, as I had just started my first sem of uni. :-) Big shoutout to my awesome career coach, Linda, for being so accommodating and a real pleasure to work with. Thanks Swivel!" — Nina, Auckland.

"The Swivel Careers Guidance Programme provided me with a comprehensive and personalised analysis. Their coaching sessions and tools have helped to reaffirm my passions as well as identify work environments and vocational pathways that suit me. Linda is a fantastic career coach who was truly engaged with me and my progress!" — Teresa, Auckland.

“Before coming to Swivel Careers I was struggling to decide on a career path and lacked clarity around what direction to take leaving high school.  After joining the course and engaging with the team, I was presented with a set of core skills that were suited to me.  These skills gave me the confidence to undertake a challenging yet rewarding journey through university and onwards to now, where I’m enjoying an exciting career in information technology.” — Mitchell, Auckland.

“After finishing my Bachelor of Arts in Otago and then returning from a year working overseas, I was still very uncertain as to what career path I wanted to take. Swivel Careers was exactly what I needed and I was very lucky to come across it. It forced me to take the time out to reflect on myself as a person, figure out my strengths and weaknesses and pin point what I wanted to achieve in life.

My Career Coach was a great sounding board and asked all the right questions. Her knowledge and ability to read people enabled her to understand my perspective and therefore guide me in the right direction. The information you gain about yourself when doing this course is extremely valuable. It is something you can refer back to throughout your life.” —  Rebecca, Auckland.

"Was very grateful to be a part of the Swivel Careers programme - it gave me greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses and how these can be tapped into and utilised within a career. This has given me reassurance of the career path I'm heading towards. Would recommend :)" — Chantelle, Rotorua.

“I had a bit of an idea on what I wanted to do based on my interests, but after being told to ‘just do some more research’ by guidance counsellors I wasn’t 100% on what actions I needed to take to turn that interest into a positive direction.

We talked about how dynamic the work was from day to day, different types of civil engineering and I actually got to visit some of the sites they’re working on.  It’s definitely made me more confident in choosing civil engineering as a career and encouraged me to look at gaining work experience early on in my degree.” — Duncan, Tauranga.

“We saw a change in him in a matter of two weeks - he’s always been a capable and independent boy but his confidence has improved tenfold and he’s become more aware of his potential which we find amazing” — Elaine, Mother, Tauranga.

"Very insightful programme, very much recommended." — Noella, Wellington.

“Before doing the Swivel course I knew I wanted to go to University but was unsure about what course I wanted to study. This course helped me to identify my strengths and weaknesses, skills and passions which helped me to decide what University course would best suit me as an individual. The Swivel course has also given me a purpose to go and complete the University course as I now know where I am heading going forward in my life.” — Ben, Wellington.

"I would recommend this programme for any parent who wants to help guide their child through the minefields of life and assisting them in deciding what they wish to do with their future. It's well worth the investment!"  —  Helen, Wellington.

"The course not only enabled me to clearly see what were my main strengths but also what career path would be best for me in terms of my skills and interests. Before meeting with Linda, I had really no idea what I wanted to do. The course is one of the reasons that I was able to pinpoint that I was passionate about the humanities and had an interest in people. I am now halfway through a Development Studies Degree at Victoria and am loving it. Swivel Careers was a thoroughly worthwhile course and I am very happy that I did it. I went from being very unsure about what I was going to do/study, to being excited about the possibility of pursuing a career in something I had a clear passion for. I recommend it to all students who are unsure, or even just before enrolling to University, to make sure they have looked into all options and understand what they personally excel in." — Danielle, Wellington.

"As a parent I was delighted by the work Linda did with Dee. Dee was not at all sure what she should do when she finished school. After Linda worked with my daughter and gave her a great deal to think about, Dee ended up with a course that explored the things she was interested in and good at. Linda really listened and established a great connection with Dee. We were extremely happy that her work with Linda gave Dee some powerful ideas and tools to enable her to find a course that not only suited her but that she was really interested in. Dee is now in the middle of a Development Studies Degree which maximises her interests. She enjoys the course immensely and is pursuing a degree that will enable her to find employment in a career that suits her personality and goals in life. We would recommend Linda and her course to any parents of students that are not sure what they want to do for a career."  — Anonymous, Wellington. 

"Over the last few years I had observed children of friends finishing college with no clear idea of where they were heading or why. They appeared to be going to University, in some cases just for the sake of it, or starting courses that they then changed or did not complete at all. They appeared to be just stumbling through life with no clear direction of where they were heading. It was due to this observation that I felt the Swivel Careers course would help my son make the right choices about career options and help him to decide what path he wanted to take.

The one-to-one meetings with Linda Henderson, the Career Coach were great and my son always came away inspired with a much clearer understanding of what suited him as an individual.  Linda also gave him a clearer direction of where he was heading with ideas on what he would need to do to achieve it. The course reconfirmed some things he already knew but also allowed him to consider options he would never have considered. The skills he learnt by doing this course in regards to making decisions, doing research, exploring and making plans, are life skills he will always be able to use. Now that he is clear on what career he would like to follow, he has been able to put together a plan on how he is going to get there, what qualifications he will require and what University course would tick all the right boxes. It has given him the confidence to now make these choices. As a parent, I would highly recommend to other parents to make this investment early and allow their children to take the time so they don’t have to struggle through life not knowing where they are heading or ending up with a huge debt behind them, with a qualification they will never use." —  Julie, Wellington.

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