Giving young New Zealanders
a personalised career programme,
setting them on the right path.

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So what is Swivel Careers?

Swivel Careers (previously known as Whr24U) is a personalised, in-depth career-coaching service that helps students set a pathway to a job they’re passionate about. We consider not only the student’s personality, skill-set and interests but also their passions and ambitions. As a result, we’ve seen hundreds of students — both secondary and tertiary — complete our programme and come out with the confidence, clarity and motivation to take on the workforce.

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The Process

Since Swivel’s inception in 2007, we’ve carefully researched, developed and refined a process that works for students. We’ve identified the need for a quality, tailor-made service that allows young people to choose their own direction in life.

One-on-one Coaching

We sit down with each student and define his/her strengths, weaknesses, motivations and values from their own perspective.

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Action Planning

We analyse the results of our work with each student and then we have an action-planning and goal-setting session, where we construct a plan to move forward.

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Psychometric Testing

Next, we dig deep. Psychometric testing and profiling gives us a clear picture of the student’s personality, interests, strengths and possible career options.

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Work Experience

Once a student has a good grasp of their chosen career pathway, we can find them work experience to see, first-hand, what their future could look like.

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The Main Swivelers

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Linda Henderson
Imogen Neil
Peta Dumergue
Kate Ross
Susan Campbell
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Career Tools

CV Hints & Tips

No matter what stage of life the student is at, we encourage them to put together an effective CV so they’re ready for anything. Here are some guidelines to follow.

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Interview Techniques

Interviews can be intimidating for students (and everyone else, for that matter!). Here, we share a few tips to ensure the best possible results.

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