Trusted by schools across the world.

We work with school leadership teams including Heads of Schools and Careers Advisors as an added resource. We are focused on understanding your school values and beliefs, meeting your objectives, enhancing your current careers model all while linking to curriculum requirements.

Swivel Careers has relationships with businesses that are closely aligned to the employment market. We are therefore able to provide current market trends and research about the future of employment, along with realistic, grounded and pragmatic advice and information; bridging the gap between secondary school, tertiary study and employment.

There is growing demand for our services. We believe students need current and real life skills to move  from school to university and employment and be better prepared for their futures. We are currently working with schools across Years 9 to 13, our interactive and informative workshops and presentations are professionally designed and globally researched.

“The main difference between Swivel Careers and previous careers sessions was that the Swivel for Schools session was based on real-world recruitment techniques, and dealt with how careers and recruitment will actually work in the future. Both presenters engaged with the young people in my session on a genuine and relatable level, making sure that we actually took all the information on board. The 'speed interviewing' session was a personal favourite, giving me a chance to test out the skills I'd learnt, in front of real-world recruiters. Swivel for Schools is the best preparation a school can give its students for the job market.” Year 13

Our presentations and workshops

Defining Careers

Educational, creative and gets students thinking about career industries and disciplines within those. Often students leave with a wider view of careers available and where their future may take them.

We delve deeper and begin to develop their careers interest platform.

Self-Awareness and Empowerment

Helping students understand their sense of purpose as a person. Learning these behaviours and applying these self-empowerment skills at school will help the students be better prepared to then take these learnings into a workplace. These themes don’t just disappear.

My Learning Style

This workshop helps students identify their learning style and the value in knowing this. Gaining self-awareness and recognising their environmental preferences helps students collaborate better and learn better whilst at school.

Digital Imprint and the effects on your Employability

Creating awareness around what a digital imprint is, how it is viewed and used by a future employer or recruiter? What might the potential employer look at? We bring to light the negatives, but focus on the positives.

Killer Cover letter and CV Writing

A detailed approach from a recruiters point of view – how students should market them themselves and compete in the 21st century, ensuring students understand why and what is important to include. We cover consistency, content, purpose and trends. Online – looking at LinkedIn and other relevant platforms students should look to use.

Interview Preparation from Whoa to Go!

An upfront and honest insight on what to expect when they go for their first interview. How to research and prepare for an interview so you are ahead of your competition, how to appropriately present themselves, approach interview questions and the actual interview itself. 

Speed Interviewing  & Video Interviewing

Just like ‘Speed-dating’ but instead of dating it’s interviewing. Real recruitment consultants come along to work within this session. It is fun and fast and students get their first opportunity to be interviewed and provided with feedback. With technology beginning to own the recruitment space, we give the students an experience – what it feels like to record their interview.

Stress and Time Management

How to prepare for life after school. How to recognise and manage stress and ensure they don’t become overwhelmed prior to, and during their examinations. What it means to manage your time, how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and the importance of these skills when they are in employment.